31 October 2015

For Beloved One Melasleep Whitening Vitamin C Essence

 photo ForBelovedOnemelasleepWhiteningVitaminCEssence02.jpg

 photo ForBelovedOnemelasleepWhiteningVitaminCEssence03.jpg

My Thoughts

I find that the essence really works.  

It doesn't have a perfume scent.  I use it at night after toner and before moisturizer.  I love it that t's easily absorbed into the skin and with daily use, my skin has gotten alot brighter and the dark spots are so much lightened.  

 photo ForBelovedOnemelasleepWhiteningVitaminCEssence01.jpg

28 October 2015

Reader's Digest Books

 photo ILoveReadingBakeBook02.jpg

Midweek Meals Made Easy
Bake with Love

worth $89.90

 photo ILoveReadingBakeBook03.jpg

 photo ILoveReadingBakeBook04.jpg

 photo ILoveReadingBakeBook01.jpg

I got them from ILoveReading.SG Pte Ltd

14 October 2015

13rushes Flat Top - Foundation Brush

 photo 13rushesFlatTopBrush03.jpg

 13rushes Flat Top - Foundation Brush

 photo 13rushesFlatTopBrush04.jpg

 photo 13rushesFlatTopBrush02.jpg

 photo 13rushesFlatTopBrush01.jpg

We got them from Majolica Majorca Singapore

12 October 2015

10 October 2015

The Face Shop, Belif, VDL $100 Voucher

 photo LGTheFaceShopVoucher02.jpg

The Face Shop, Belif, VDL $100 Voucher

 photo LGTheFaceShopVoucher01.jpg

 photo LGTheFaceShopVoucher03.jpg

I got them from LG Singapore

I'm so happy to win them cos I love Korean beauty products alot. Although I can't buy much with $100, I'm still happy.  

It's so nice of LG to allow the winners to collect the vouchers at their Customer Service Centre in Alexandra.  Even though I waited for more than 2 hours with the queue number to collect them, I'm happy.  Cos it's so much convenient than to collect them during my office hours at their office in Suntec City.  Now, I don't have to take leave, I hope they will always do it this way.

02 October 2015

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask

 photo HadaLaboSHAHydratingMask06.jpg

 photo HadaLaboSHAHydratingMask07.jpg

My Thoughts

I kinda love this mask.  The paper mask is soaked with lots of essence.  It doesn't come with a nice scent, but got a kind of weird slightly stinky scent.  The thick and hard mask sticks on really well to the face.

I use it twice a week at night and leave it on till it dries up.  However, the mask will never be fully dried.  Even after overnight, it will still be damp.  I don't like it that the essence leaves the skin really sticky for a long time.  But I love it that everytime after using it, my skin will become so moist and bouncy.  My skin feels so good that I can keep on poking the bouncy skin on my cheeks.

 photo HadaLaboSHAHydratingMask08.jpg

 photo HadaLaboSHAHydratingMask03.jpg

 photo HadaLaboSHAHydratingMask04.jpg

One box has 4 sheets of individually wrapped 20ml mask

 photo HadaLaboSHAHydratingMask05.jpg

 photo HadaLaboSHAHydratingMask01.jpg

 photo HadaLaboSHAHydratingMask02.jpg

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