30 November 2015

Shills Black Angel Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask

 photo ShillsBlackAngelBambooCharcoalWhiteningMask06.jpg

 photo ShillsBlackAngelBambooCharcoalWhiteningMask07.jpg

 photo ShillsBlackAngelBambooCharcoalWhiteningMask08.jpg

My Thoughts

Shills Black Angel Bamboo Charcoal Whitening Mask is soaked with lots of clear essence and has a nice perfume scent.  The thick and hard black paper mask doesn't stick on well to the face.  I will put it on my clean face and remove it when it's dried up.  Once the mask starts drying up, it will automatic fall off the face.  I will apply the remaining essence inside the foil packet onto my legs.  The essence doesn't leave the skin oily or sticky.  After each mask, my skin is obviously very clean, clear and smooth.  With regular usage and after finishing a box then my skin is noticeable whiter, brighter and glowing.

I really dislike the plastic sheet that is sticking to one side of the mask which I find it difficult to separate them and it's a real waste that there's so much essence sticking onto it.  In order not to waste the essence, I will rub the plastic sheet on my face, body, legs or arms.

On one occasion my brother came home when I was masking my face, he asked why I put seaweed on my face ... he's so funny.

 photo ShillsBlackAngelBambooCharcoalWhiteningMask09.jpg

 photo ShillsBlackAngelBambooCharcoalWhiteningMask03.jpg

 photo ShillsBlackAngelBambooCharcoalWhiteningMask04.jpg

One box has 25ml x 7 sheets individually wrapped masks

 photo ShillsBlackAngelBambooCharcoalWhiteningMask05.jpg

I got 2 boxes at Buy 1 Get 1 Free

 photo ShillsBlackAngelBambooCharcoalWhiteningMask01.jpg

 photo ShillsBlackAngelBambooCharcoalWhiteningMask02.jpg

26 November 2015


 photo 7UP01.jpg

7UP   330ml

 photo 7UP02.jpg

7 Cartons x 24 Cans

 photo 7UP03.jpg

I got them from 7UP Singapore

20 November 2015

Dejavu Mascara / Eyeliner

 photo AesthesticBeautyDejavuMascaraEyeliner03.jpg

Dejavu Fiberwig Ultra Long 1 Mascara   Pure Black   7.2g
Dejavu Lasting-fine S Brush Liquid 1 Eyeliner   Glossy Black   0.55ml

 photo AesthesticBeautyDejavuMascaraEyeliner02.jpg

Aesthetics & Beauty Magazine

 photo AesthesticBeautyDejavuMascaraEyeliner04.jpg

 photo AesthesticBeautyDejavuMascaraEyeliner01.jpg

I got them from Aesthetics & Beauty

13 November 2015

Innisfree Green Tea Travel Kit X LINE

 photo LineEzlink04.jpg

 photo LineEzlink05.jpg

Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Scalp Conditioner  30ml
Innisfree Green Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo  30ml
Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam  30ml
Innisfree Green Tea Pure Body Cleanser  30ml
Innisfree Green Tea Pure Gel Hand Cream  30ml


 photo LineEzlink06.jpg

 photo LineEzlink07.jpg

 photo LineEzlink02.jpg

 photo LineEzlink03.jpg

Ez-Link Card $15 Top-up

I got them from Line

11 November 2015


 photo CatriceHamper03.jpg

Catrice Hamper worth $30

 photo CatriceHamper04.jpg

 photo CatriceHamper05.jpg

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour  040 Never Let Me Go!  1.5g

Catrice Absolute Eye Colour  100 F'rosen Yoghurt  1.5g

 photo CatriceHamper06.jpg

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer  43 Miami Pink  10ml

 photo CatriceHamper07.jpg

Catrice Pure Shine Colour Lip Balm  060 Go Flamingo Go!  2.5g

Catrice Infinite Shine Lip Gloss  5ml  160 Walk The Coraline

 photo CatriceHamper08.jpg

 photo CatriceHamper01.jpg

 photo CatriceHamper02.jpg

We got them from CATRICE-Singapore

10 November 2015

Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift-Ex

 photo DrCiLaboEnrichedLiftCollagenEX2501.jpg

Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel Enrich-Lift-Ex  25g

08 November 2015

Innisfree Green Tea Set

 photo InnisfreeGreenTeaSet1yr05.jpg

Innisfree Green Tea Cleansing Foam  150ml
Innisfree The Green Tea Seed Serum  80ml

 photo InnisfreeGreenTeaSet1yr04.jpg

 photo InnisfreeGreenTeaSet1yr03.jpg

 photo InnisfreeGreenTeaSet1yr06.jpg

 photo InnisfreeGreenTeaSet1yr07.jpg

 photo InnisfreeGreenTeaSet1yr01.jpg

 photo InnisfreeGreenTeaSet1yr02.jpg

We got them from Innisfree World

Jane Iredale Makeup Products

 photo JaneIrelandProducts10.jpg

 photo JaneIrelandProducts11.jpg

Jane Iredale  Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener  50ml

 photo JaneIrelandProducts12.jpg

Jane Iredale  Just Kissed Lip & Cheek Stain
Jane Iredale  LipDrink
Jane Iredale  Lip Balm  Buff
was given a broken one

 photo JaneIrelandProducts13.jpg

 photo JaneIrelandProducts14.jpg

Jane Iredale  PurePressed Eye Shadow  Iris  1.8g

Jane Iredale  Warm Sienna
Jane Iredale  Warm Silk

 photo JaneIrelandProducts15.jpg

 photo JaneIrelandProducts04.jpg

Jane Iredale  Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream  SPF 25

 photo JaneIrelandProducts05.jpg

 photo JaneIrelandProducts06.jpg

 photo JaneIrelandProducts07.jpg

Jane Iredale  Eye Shere Liquid Eye Shadow
Brown Silk
Champagne Silk

 photo JaneIrelandProducts08.jpg

 photo JaneIrelandProducts09.jpg

 photo JaneIrelandProducts03.jpg

 photo JaneIrelandProducts02.jpg

 photo JaneIrelandProducts01.jpg

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